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You may believe that churches are boring, irrelevant and not for you.

We believe church is essential, exciting and for everybody!

Whether you’re just curious, a committed Christian, or somewhere in between, at Cowes Baptist Church you will always be welcomed into a warm, friendly environment and find a safe space to explore your faith.

What’s it really like?

Sunday services are usually about 60 minutes long. There’s music; inspiration; activities for children; time for quiet reflection; love, laughter and much much more!

Our vision is that God’s love shines through everything we do, every day. That’s why the CBC community is a constant hive of activity with toddler groups, rambling groups, small groups, prayer groups, and of course our Renew Cowes cafe!

You can also hire the building for other local community events and activities.

Friendly faces…

In 2020 we warmly welcomed Judith as our new pastor - she’s been an active member of Cowes Baptist Church for many years.

Judith is supported by a team of volunteers who help with things like worship, building upkeep, community outreach, youth ministry, and fellowship activities. With over 40 members and a wider church family of almost 100, we believe everyone has unique gifts to offer and a purpose to discover. We help and care for each other, in whatever way we can, as we share in life’s ups and downs together.

"Cowes Baptist Church is very special, it drew us in with such warmth and we’ve learned so much here"


"Though I live and work on the mainland these days, Cowes Baptist Church always welcomes me with open arms whenever I pop back to the Island - such a wonderful, loving, inclusive group of people!"


Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

No. Everyone is welcome at Cowes Baptist Church. Bring your family, bring a friend, or come on your own. However you turn up, you’ll receive a warm welcome!


Do I need to arrive on time on Sundays?

No - you might lose out on your favourite seat but it’s absolutely fine to arrive a little later than planned. Come as you are, whenever you can. It will be great to see your face and hear your story!


Am I expected to give money?

There is an opportunity to donate money to support the church’s work in the local area and around the world but please don’t feel obligated to contribute - the church service and CBC community are both our and God’s gifts to you.


Do I need to bring a Bible?

Usually our Bible readings are on a big screen, but we also have plenty of spare Bibles if you would prefer to read along that way.  We know that some people like to make notes or highlight passages in their own Bible, so feel free to bring that along if you prefer.

Do you have parking on site?

We have a very, very small car park. (for 4 cars) which we usually reserve for less abled guests. There’s parking on local roads, good bus links and car parks in Cowes Town Centre or Northwood Park, both a short walk away. If you’re struggling with transport or need a car parking spot, say hello and let us know - we will find a way to get you to the Church on time!


What should I wear?

We typically dress casual or smart casual on Sunday mornings. Jeans are fine, as are trainers. Wear whatever feels most comfortable for you. God welcomes you whatever state of mind, heart or dress you’re in and so do we!


Will I be identified in any way as a first-time visitor?

We want to do everything possible to make attending Cowes Baptist Church for the first time as comfortable as possible. Don’t worry, you’ll never be asked to stand up or stand out in any way as a first-time visitor. Feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy the service. If you want to let the greeters at the door know you’re a first time visitor they will make sure you’re introduced to someone who can help you navigate or find someone to sit with.

What about children or teenagers?

Children and young people join us for the start of the service and we announce when it is time for them to go to their groups. All our youth workers and leadership team have a DBS Certificate and operate under our safeguarding policy. If you have any questions about children's and youth work please contact Judith.

How do I join a group?

Small Groups are a great way to get to know people and learn more. Check out our Regular Activities for more info, or say hello and let us know the sorts of activities you’d like to get involved in and we’ll put you in touch with the right person.


Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely - we’re always happy to chat!

Call Judith directly on 07379 438 633 or email

If Judith is not available, Tracey our church secretary may also be able to help. Email

We can't wait to see you!